Sunday, March 24, 2013


What are some awesome snacks from your country that others may not know of??

Humble Beginnings

Welcome to the humble beginnings of what I hope to be a great and really interesting thing! 

Everyone loves mail, and everyone loves food! Why not combine the two?!

While looking around on the internet and talking with a few friends, we decided that it would be really awesome to have a place for snackers around the world to unite and share their favorite foods with others!

How We Are Hoping This Will Work

Its an international snack exchange! It's a place to find a pen pal in another country, but instead of letters you send different snack foods! In the upper left hand corner, there is a link to the forum created especially for finding others looking to trade snacks. Just find or add a thread for your country and post a way for a fellow snacker to get up with you! (Preferably an email address)

The only way this will work and for word to get out is to spread the word! Share this site with your friends and start sharing those delicious goodies that you can get down the street that others may have never heard of!

Get to it and dont forget to have fun!!

Snack Ambassadors Web forum!